2013 Removed paintings, National gallery, St. Agnes convent, Prague

2013 Westend and Holesovice, Kalt gallery, Munchen, Germany

2013 In the landscape of painting, J. Jilek gallery, Sumperk, CZ

2013 Magistrala, painting of 400 m2, I.P.Pavlova, Prague

2013 Japanese exhibition, Slovac muzeum gallery, Uherske Hradiste, CZ

2013 Interrupted activity, XXL gallery, Louny, CZ

2013 Object/Subject, Magna gallery, Ostrava, CZ

2013 Transformation of landscape, DOX, Prague

2013 Popelec umelcu, Church of the Salvator, Prague

2013 Copy/Plagiarism, Nitranska galeria, Nitra, Slovakia

2013 Place, Ars Gallery, Brno

2013 Place, Fait Gallery, Brno

2012 Obsession by horizon, 2xPH, Galerie Orlovna, Kromeriz

2012 Kept Secret, A-Gallery, Amsterdam, Nederland

2012 Lightness, Mathieu Gallery, Lyon, France

2012 3xC+3xP, Kalt Gallery, Munchen, Germany

2012 Out of the Black, DVart Gallery, Prague

2012 Instalation in Belfry, Modrany, Prague

2012 Palace Chvaly, Prague

2012 Galerie Doma, Kyjov, Prague

2011 Capture empty space, Volksbank, Prague

2011 Rhythms, Gallery Czech centre in Milan, Italy

2011 Level of intensity, Gallery Klatovy/Klenova, Prague

2011 Obvious indistinctness, Peron Gallery, Prague

2011 Habls telescope, Art-Pro, Prague

2011 Snozrivosti, SGVU, Litomerice

2011 Lightness, Domen Gallery, Ostrava

2010 Queer Landscapes, BBLA, New York, USA

2010 O nicote, hladine a jinych vecech, Vltavin Gallery, Prague

2010 Avoid a void, Dolmen Gallery, Prague

2009 Black Out, Friedrich gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2009 On the wall and on the ground, Gallery of czech sculptures, Prague

2008 Sacral Impurities, Woxart Gallery, Prague

2008 Meriments, Vysocany-Town Hall Gallery, Prague

2008 Rudiments, Lomnice nad Luznici, CZ

2008 Imaginative Landscapes, Via Art Gallery, Prague

2008 Magisterartis, Luxembourg Plazza (with P.Hampl), Prague

2007 Queer Landscapes and other Beings, Mesic ve dne Gallery, Ceske Budejovice, CZ

2007 Light Switches, Institution of Macromolecular Chemistry AV, Prague

2006 Inside, Dinitz Gallery, Prague

2005 Untitled, Regional Art Gallery (with P.Stanicky), Zlin, CZ

2004 Roundabout, Via Art Gallery (with P.Stanicky), Prague

2004 Cry of Birds in a Wildwood, Rock cafee Gallery, Prague

2003 Way, Josef Sudek Gallery, Prague

2003 Pink and Blue, Portal Gallery, Uh. Hradiste, CZ

2002 Pentiments II, Pokorny Gallery, Prostejov, CZ

2001 Pentiments, Via Art Gallery, Prague

2000 Sculpture, Painting, Installation , VSUP, Prague

1999 Camlici, Pokorny Gallery (with R.Habl), Prostejov, CZ

1999 Intersections, Theatre of Music, Olomouc, CZ

1998 Untitled, Institution of Macromolecular Chemistry AV, Prague

1997 Untitled, Lichtenstejn Palace, HAMU, Prague